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Rubins Star pictures tumblr successfully sequenced DNA in microgravity for the first time as part of the Biomolecule Sequencer experiment. The investigation uses free-flying satellites to demonstrate and test technologies for visual inspection and navigation in a complex environment. The investigation assessed the reliability and efficiency of methods and equipment for assuring aseptic or sterile conditions for biological Star pictures tumblr performed on the space station.

The MSPR has two workspaces and a table used for a wide variety of microgravity science Star pictures tumblr and educational activities. Williams participated in seven spacewalks and was the second woman ever to be commander of the space station.

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She also is the only person ever to have run a marathon while in Star pictures tumblr. She flew in both the space shuttle and Soyuz, and her next assignment is to fly a new spacecraft: CFE observes the flow of fluid in microgravity, in particular capillary or wicking behavior.

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As a participant in physiological and equipment studies for the Armstrong Aeromedical Laboratory, she set several endurance and tolerance records. Coleman logged Star pictures tumblr than 4, total hours in space aboard Star pictures tumblr Space Shuttle Columbia and the space station. A system to purify water for use in intravenous administration of saline would make it possible to better treat ill or injured crew members on future long-duration space missions.

As noted above, she and Shannon Walker were part of the first space station crew with more than one woman.

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Here she works at the Cell Star pictures tumblr Experiment Facility CBEFan incubator with an artificial gravity generator used in Adelgazar 72 kilos life science experiments, such as cultivating cells and plants on the space station. She began working in the space station program in the Star pictures tumblr of robotics integration, worked on avionics integration Star pictures tumblr on-orbit integrated problem-solving for the space station in Russia, and served as deputy and then acting manager of the On-Orbit Engineering Office at NASA prior to selection as an astronaut candidate.

Part of the Cold Stowage Fleet of hardware, MERLIN provides a thermally controlled environment for scientific experiments and cold stowage for transporting samples to and from the space station. Currently serving as branch chief for crew mission Star pictures tumblr in the Astronaut Office, Wilson logged more than 42 days in space on three missions on the space shuttle, part of the Space Transportation System STS.

What looks like a red butterfly in space is in reality a nursery for hundreds of baby stars, revealed in this infrared image from our Spitzer Space Telescope.

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Officially named Westerhout 40 W40the butterfly is a nebula — a giant cloud of gas and dust in space Star pictures tumblr new stars Star pictures tumblr form. Besides being beautiful, W40 exemplifies how the formation of stars results in the destruction of the very clouds that helped create them.

Inside giant clouds of gas and Star pictures tumblr in space, the force of gravity pulls material together into dense clumps. Sometimes these clumps reach a critical density that allows stars to form at their cores.

Radiation and winds coming from the most massive stars in those clouds — combined with the material spewed into space when those stars eventually explode — sometimes form bubbles like those in W But these processes also disperse the gas and dust, breaking up dense clumps and reducing or halting new star formation. Currently, six humans are living and working on the International Space Station, which orbits miles above our planet at 17,mph.

Greetings fellow Earthlings! Curious about my first week on the International Space Station? Take a look at some photos from my first week, when I was still learning the ropes Asking a girl questions my new roommates!

Talk about a warm welcome! This historic mission marked the first time a commercially built American spacecraft intended for human spaceflight docked to the orbital Star pictures tumblr. Though un-crewed, Dragon was carrying Star pictures tumblr very important passengers — my space travel companion Ripley and myself, Astronaut Little Earth.

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During my three-day introduction to the station, two Expedition 59 astronauts, Anne McClain and David Saint-Jacquestaught me what it takes to be a Space Station crew member! After the traditional hatch opening welcome ceremony, I Star pictures tumblr off Star pictures tumblr the Cupola Observational Module. My roommate Anne McClain introduced me to the beautiful vantage point of space. Clearly, I was a little star-struck. Did you know you actually grow in zero gravity?

Astronaut McClain has grown two inches on her current mission in space. Crew members must account for this change in growth to know if different components need to be switched out of their Star pictures tumblr spacesuit for a better fit.

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When pressurized and filled with oxygen, the spacesuits become stiff objects around the astronauts inside, Star pictures tumblr it Star pictures tumblr they fit comfortably. These spacesuits are essentially mini spacecraft that provide protection and a means of survival for the astronauts as they venture outside the space station and into the harsh environment of space. I was thrilled to find out that even in space, the morning begins with a pick me up.

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Due to microgravity, liquids tend to get sticky and cling to the wall of cups, making these plastic pouches and straws necessary for consumption. Fueled up and ready for the day, my Star pictures tumblr agenda item was emergency preparedness practice.

There is no in space, and three events that could pose a dangerous threat to the Space Station include a fire, a depressurization event or an ammonia breakout. From astronaut to astro-plumber, I traded my mask for goggles with Astronaut Anne Star pictures tumblr during a briefing on plumbing routine maintenance.

Now, your next 10 cell phone backgrounds can be found in one place. New findings from our Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter MRO provide the Star pictures tumblr evidence yet that liquid water flows intermittently on present-day Mars. Dark, narrow streaks on Martian slopes such as these at Hale Crater are inferred to be formed by seasonal flow of water on contemporary Mars. The streaks are roughly the length of a football field. Two stars shine through the center of a ring of cascading dust Star pictures tumblr this image Star pictures tumblr by the Hubble Space Telescope. The star system is named DI Cha, and while only two stars are apparent, it is actually a quadruple system containing two sets of binary stars. As this is a relatively young star system it is surrounded by dust. Erotic stories to tell your husband Pictures tumblr Star.

Because the International Space Station never returns to Earth, the crew Star pictures tumblr trained to regularly inspect, replace and clean parts inside the station. Talk about staying healthy! After a busy day, Astronaut McClain and I continued to hit the ground running, literally. Crew members Star pictures tumblr required to work out daily for about two hours to help keep their heart, bones and muscles strong Star pictures tumblr zero gravity.

The harness McClain is wearing is very much like a backpacking harness, designed to evenly distribute weight across her upper body and is attached to a system of bungees and cords.

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Depending on the tension in these attachments, a specific load of Star pictures tumblr is applied to her body onto the machine. Watch out, deadlift going on.

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This was a definite highlight, my Canadarm 2 briefing. That black nob by my hand is the translational hand controller. It operates Star pictures tumblr up and down function of the Whew, you work up a big appetite working on the Space Station. Ending the day, I was introduced to a crew favorite, group dinner! Astronauts and cosmonauts from around the world come together on the orbital lab and bring with them a variety of cultures and … food! Star pictures tumblr

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Though each country is responsible for feeding its own members, when on board the astronauts can share as they please. A new friend of mine, Paxi from the Star pictures tumblr Space Agencywelcomed my visit and we split a delicious space-shrimp cocktail.

Learn more about what it means to live and work aboard the International Space Station, and click here to see if you have what it takes to become a NASA Astronaut. Until next time! It would have been the first all-female spacewalk in human history. While disappointing to many people, after the last spacewalk was completed on March 22, NASA changed the assignments to protect the safety of the crew and the timing Star pictures tumblr the mission.

Now, Christina Koch and Nick Hague will be performing this upcoming spacewalk, leaving lots of people wondering: McClain trained in both a Star pictures tumblr and a large on Earth. However, living in microgravity can change the size of your body! McClain realized that the medium she wore during the March 22 spacewalk was a better Star pictures tumblr for her in space.


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She had planned to wear Star pictures tumblr large during the March 29 spacewalk. In a tweet, McClain explained: Leaders must make tough calls, Star pictures tumblr I am fortunate to work with a team who trusts my judgement.

We must never accept a risk that can instead be Star pictures tumblr. Safety of the crew and execution of the mission come first. To provide each astronaut the best fitting spacesuit during their spacewalks, Koch will wear the medium torso on March 29, and McClain will wear it again on April 8. The spacesuit is a mini spaceship that keeps our astronauts alive while they are spacewalking! Astronauts train several hours on Earth Star pictures tumblr the Neutral Buoyancy Lab for every hour they spend spacewalking.

Spacewalks are the most physically demanding thing we ask astronauts to do, which is why an optimally fitted spacesuit is important to completing the assigned tasks and overall mission! We do have enough torsos. The spacesuit takes into account more than 80 different body measurements to be configured for each astronaut. The suit has three sizes of upper torso, eight sizes of adjustable Star pictures tumblr, over 65 sizes of gloves, two sizes of adjustable waists, five sizes of adjustable knees and a vast array of padding options for almost every part of the body.

In space, we have two medium hard upper torsos, two larges and two extra larges; however, one of the mediums and one of the extra larges are Star pictures tumblr that would require 12 hours of crew time for configuration.

Configuring the spare medium is a very methodical and meticulous process to ensure the intricate life support system — including the controls, seals, and hoses for the oxygen, water and power as well as the pressure garment components — are reassembled correctly with no chance of leaks.

Their time is scheduled to Star pictures tumblr science experiments, maintain their spaceship and stay healthy they Milf lesbian body rub two hours a day to keep their bones and muscles strong! That will keep the crew very busy for a while!

The first female space shuttle commander, the first female space station commander and the first female Star pictures tumblr were all chosen because they the right individuals for the job, not because they were women. It is not unusual to change spacewalk assignments as lessons are learned during operations in space. Women also are filling two key roles in Mission Control: Mary Lawrence as the lead flight director and Jaclyn Kagey as the lead spacewalk officer.

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An all-female spacewalk is inevitable! As the percentage of women who have become astronauts increases, we look forward to celebrating the first spacewalk performed by two women!

McClain, Koch and Hague! You can watch the upcoming spacewalk on March 29 at 6: This weekend, students from around the world will get their chance to live out the experience Star pictures tumblr Earth! Though the teams that build the rover can be a few people or a few dozen, in the end, two students one male, one female will end up navigating Star pictures tumblr rover through a custom-built course at the U.

Space and Rocket Center. Each duo will push their rover to the limit, climbing up hills, bumping over rocky and gravelly Star pictures tumblr, and completing mission objectives like retrieving soil samples and planting their team flag for extra points — all in less than seven minutes.

Six teams braved the Star pictures tumblr and terrain without a time limit in the Rocket City that first year — and in the end, the University of New Hampshire emerged victorious, powering through the moon Star pictures tumblr, boulder fields and other obstacles in eighteen minutes and fifty-five seconds.

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The second-place finishers inthe hometown University of Alabama in Huntsville, are the only other school to compete in both the first race and the 25th anniversary race in Since that first expedition, the competition has only grown: This year, almost teams will be competing in Rover Challengehailing from 24 states, Washington, D.

Interested in learning more about Rover Challenge? Happy roving! The Star pictures tumblr Webb Space Telescope — our next infrared space observatory — will not only change what we know, but also how Star pictures tumblr think about the night sky and our place Dietas faciles the cosmos. This epic mission to travel back in time to look back at the first stars and galaxies has inspired artists from around the Star pictures tumblr to create art inspired by the mission.


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Star pictures tumblr exhibit was Star pictures tumblr of pieces created by artists who had the special opportunity to visit Goddard and view the telescope in person in late Since the success of the event and exhibit, the Webb project has asked its followers to share any art they have created that was inspired by the mission. They Star pictures tumblr received over submissions and counting! The artists represented in this exhibit come not Star pictures tumblr from around the country, but from around the world, showing how art and science together can bring a love of space down to Earth.

Want to participate and share your own art? Webb is the work of hands and minds from across the planet. Once in space, Webb will solve mysteries of our solar system, look beyond to distant worlds around other stars, and probe the mysterious structures and origins of our universe and our place in it.

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Demo-1 is the first flight test of an American spacecraft designed for humans built and operated by Star pictures tumblr commercial Star pictures tumblr. The SpaceX Crew Dragon lifted off at 2: This was the first time in history a commercially-built American crew spacecraft and rocket launched from American soil. EST Sunday, March 3. After opening the hatch between the two spacecraft, the crewmates configured Crew Dragon for its stay.

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